Rick Louden

Executive Chairman

Mr. Louden has been on the Board of the Administrator since May 2012 and was the Co-Chief Executive Officer and President of the Administrator until March 2014.   Mr. Louden has over 35 years of operation and management experience in the oil and gas industry. Prior to joining Argent, Mr. Louden served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Denali.  Mr. Louden held senior positions with El Paso Corporation, Coastal Corporation, Union Texas Petroleum Holdings, Inc. and Amoco Corporation.  Mr. Louden graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.

John Elzner

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Elzner is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Administrator.  Mr. Elzner has over 31 years of experience in the international oil and gas industry.  Mr Elzner served as the Senior Vice President of Denali for eight years, overseeing all matters of business development, land, legal and marketing, including direction and execution for all acquisitions and divestitures.  Prior to joining Denali, Mr. Elzner served in various senior executive positions for Coastal Corporation and El Paso Corporation, most recently therein as Senior Vice President of South American E&P Operations for El Paso. He graduated in 1978 with a MSc from Texas A&M University.

Sean Bovingdon

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Bovingdon is the Chief Financial Officer of the Administrator.  Mr. Bovingdon has over 20 years of financial executive experience, most recently as the Chief Financial Officer of Petrodorado Energy Ltd. and prior thereto served as Vice-President Finance and Chief Financial Officer of Great Plains Exploration Inc. until its sale. Previously, Mr. Bovingdon was the Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer of Fuel-x International Inc.  Mr. Bovingdon also held senior financial positions with Western Oil Sands Inc. and Electronics Manufacturing Group Inc. and commenced his career with KPMG LLP in London, England and Calgary, Alberta.  Mr. Bovingdon has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Accounting and Economics from the University of Kent and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Steve Hicks

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Hicks is the Chief Operating Officer of the Administrator.  Mr. Hicks has 35 years of industry experience of which over 25 have been in leadership roles. Mr. Hicks has a broad based technical background having worked for various independents in a wide range of roles throughout his career. Prior to joining Argent, Mr. Hicks held leadership roles in Acquisitions at Hilcorp Energy, El Paso Corporation and Coastal Corporation. Mr. Hicks graduated in 1979 with a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma.  Mr. Hicks is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas.